Troll Dolls: Thomas Dam & Made For Dam Things Establishment


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The Troll doll was one of the classic Scandinavian designs that were shown at the recent show on Scandinavian Design, And The United States 1890 - 1980 at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

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The Origin Of Troll Dolls: Thomas Dam And The Made For Dam Things Establishment

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Thomas Dam and the Made For Dam Things establishment played a vital role in the origin and rise of troll dolls. 

Troll dolls captured the hearts of millions, symbolizing luck, laughter, and a fascinating blend of cuteness and eerie charm

Despite the challenges faced by Dam and his company, their contributions to the toy industry cannot be overlooked. 

Thomas Dam’s ability to adapt to changing demands, streamline production processes, and tap into the cultural trends allowed troll dolls to become a global sensation.

The origin and rise of troll dolls owe much to the creative vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Thomas Dam