The Influence Of Finn Juhl & Baker Furniture: Danish Design

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, a wave of fascination swept across America, a fascination with Scandinavian design.

Finn Juhl was an architect turned furniture designer who brought about a revolution in the design world. Known for his innovative designs that merged form and function, Juhl's influence extended far beyond his home country.

Finn Juhl believed that while "one cannot create happiness with beautiful objects, one can spoil quite a lot of happiness with bad ones." This is how he based his design philosophy.

In 1957, Baker Furniture strategically acquired the Grand Rapids Chair Co. This acquisition expanded Baker's product portfolio, allowing them to offer an assortment of more straightforward, less costly furniture under the Milling Road label.

The simplicity and functionality inherent in Scandinavian design struck a chord with American consumers, offering a refreshing alternative to the luxury of previous design styles.

Designs And Finishes Are Paramount

The legacy Finn Juhl and Baker Furniture created together is a testament to the enduring appeal of this design style. The one thing this exhibition I recently saw at the Milwaukee Art Museum showed was how many familiar designs that we still see on the market.