A Short Guide: Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturing

Trees Reach A Certain Age And Are Cut Down

New trees are planted in their stead so there is not much environmental impact.  Cutting down the trees can help forest regeneration.

Trees Are Cut Into Wood Boards

The trees are cut into wood boards with as little waste as possible.  We try to ensure every part of the tree is used for something. 

Wood Boards Are Put Into A Kiln To Dry

The wood boards are put into the kiln to dry. The kiln will heat the wood boards and help take out the moisture from the wood.  The boards need to be in the kiln until the wood is dried to a moisture content of 6 to 8%.

Wood is Shaped And Assembled into Furniture Parts 

The wood is then shaped and assembled into furniture parts. Most of this work still needs to be done by hand.  

Hand Finished Furniture 

A good quality piece of furniture still requires a lot of hand painting and hand finishing. Furniture is a handmade product.  

Solid Wood Furniture Finishing

Furniture pieces can be finished with a natural wood finish.  

Solid Wood Furniture Can Be Painted

Solid wood furniture can also be painted into a variety of colors. 

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