Whenever You Ship A Package by Courier or Air Freight the Shipping Companies Will Look At The Volume And Weight Of Your Package.

What is  Volume?

Calculate The Volume of Your Carton By Simply Measuring The: 

Length X Width X Height

What is  Weight?

The Weight Is Measured By The Actual Weight Of the Package.  

Volumetric Weight

The actual  volume and weight will be combined  together to find the volumetric weight.   So a package that is lightweight but very large could cost much more than its actual weigh.  

Volumetric Weight

If you have a package that is  100 cm x 100 c,m x 50 cm and weighs only 15 kilos, the volumetric weight would be 50 kilos.   Calculated by:  (100 cm x 100 cm x 50 cm) / 5,000 = 50 kilos

Air Cargo

This is because when the air cargo is being loaded onto the plane they must look at the actual weight of the cargo and the volume. 

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