Trends 20/21

We Love Trends! 

We love to discover new trends.   Each year Mondoro will forecast the top home décor and furniture trends for the year.  With those trends will produce a Look book filled with a ton of FREE design ideas, forecasted trend colors, and many of our unique color chips and finishes.  We freely give all this to our clients.    Feel free to can sign up for our mailing list below. 

Our Products

Find the Piece You’ve Been Looking For. 

Feel free to browse through our products and to see our diverse range of lamps, lighting, furniture, wall décor, home décor accessories and other amazing products we manufacture.  Each piece is not only unique and inspiring, but also shows our detail to quality.  We love to be able to help our clients create, develop and manufacture awe-inspiring products for their collections.  Contact us to see how we can help you.    

Our Color Finishes

Explore Our Vast Color Finishes Library

Mondoro has a library of 1,000’s of color chips and finishes that we have personally developed.  We understand that our clients need to always have fresh and interesting products and finishes so we spend a lot time and effort to develop new color finishes and new finish techniques.  Explore many of our more popular color finishes and techniques.  

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